• Puppy Proofing The House

    Puppies are curious creatures, and it's important that any potential dangers are sorted before bringing your new best friend home. Tips for puppy proofing; Electrical Cords: If a puppy chews on an electrical cord, not only will it ruin your appliances, but it can cause burns in the mouth, el... View Post
  • How To Make Your Own Bird Food Mix

    It is important to have plenty of variety in your bird's diet. Seed-only diets are high in fat and lack the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for long-term health. The ideal diet has been outlined as; 70% pellets 20% fresh vegetables 10% seeds and fruits A simple recipe that is he... View Post
  • Hairball Awareness

    It is normal for a cat to have hairballs occasionally. However, if they are regular and constant, problems can arise. They can block a cat's intestinal tract, which would mean they couldn't either vomit or excrete them.  Some tips in order to prevent the amount of hairballs from your cat are; ... View Post