Ways We Treat Our Pets Like Humans

1. We all know about ‘baby talk’ but what about ‘pet talk’. We know when we have a cute dog in the office, we all just melt and bring our puppy voice out for everyone to hear!

2. Your pets might not know it’s their birthday. And they probably aren't able to actually open a birthday present, but that’s not going to stop you buying them something to open on their big day, and of course Christmas.

3.  Who says you have to be a human to enjoy a good pamper? You know just how much your pet loves their coat being brushed and a fresh shampoo.

4. While some of your friends might be excited to show off their son or daughter, you equally enjoy every opportunity to show off your own ‘furry child’.

5. Your pet is your best friend and there's nothing you wouldn't do to keep them happy. They are part of the family!