Puppy Proofing The House

Puppies are curious creatures, and it's important that any potential dangers are sorted before bringing your new best friend home.

Tips for puppy proofing;

  • Electrical Cords: If a puppy chews on an electrical cord, not only will it ruin your appliances, but it can cause burns in the mouth, electrical shock or even death by electrocution. Prevent this by running cords through spiral wraps, cord concealers, or even PVC pipes if you don't have access to the others.
  • Drugs & Medications: It's just a bit of common sense, but ensure any pills or vitamins stay out of reach of puppies. Even in a plastic container, those puppy teeth will break through.
  • Trash: chicken bones, plastic food wrap, coffee grounds, meat trimmings, and the usual prohibited foods all pose a potential hazard to your puppy. Make sure garbage bags are stored in a tightly closed container that cannot be accessed.
  • Household Cleaners: Keep cleaning supplies in high cupboards and out of reach. Also, when cleaning, remove your puppy from the area being cleaned until all products are settled as sprays could get into their eyes.