How To Make Your Own Bird Food Mix

It is important to have plenty of variety in your bird's diet. Seed-only diets are high in fat and lack the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for long-term health. The ideal diet has been outlined as;

  • 70% pellets
  • 20% fresh vegetables
  • 10% seeds and fruits

A simple recipe that is healthier for your feathered friend is as follows;

  1. Your bird's favourite pellets
  2. Your bird's favourite fruits
  3. Sprinkle some of their favourite seeds
  4. Add in some fresh vegetables

If you don't have the time to mix up meals yourself, your local pet shop will sell pre-mixed blends also. 

P.S don't forget to check your bird's water. It needs to be checked and replenished daily, as well as making sure the dispenser is working.